Low Conversion Rate
High Marketing Costs
Inefficient Customer Service System
Low Repurchase From Regular Customers

Bring Down The Marketing Cost

According to the promotion budget, the enterprises could send the timed and quantitative marketing-messages to customers via TopYing Cloud SMS, so as to lower the whole cost.


Improve Customer Service Efficiency

TopYing Cloud has provided VOIP calls at a lower cost. It's an efficient way to help global customers solve products or logistics problems,to improve customer service and reduce operational costs.


Improve Repurchase Rate of Regular Customers

TopYing Cloud Notification SMS can be used to send reminders and notifications to customers in order to inform them of relevant issues, such as holiday wishes,birthday blessings,meeting notifications, and account reminders. It can achieve accurate notification service, giving more customer cares and increasing user loyalty.

  Marketing SMS

Sending the text messages via cellphones to attract new and regular customers
Marketing SMS
Notification SMS

Sending service and reminders to customers so as to increase user stickness and loyalty
Notification SMS
SIP Trunk Service

IP telephony and streaming services based on Session Initiation Protocol, directly connecting wtih operators
SIP Trunk Service
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