Identification Difficulty
Low Customer Satisfaction
Untimely Repayment Notification
Poor Campaign Effects

Improve Authentication of User Identity

It is an more effective way to verify users' identity by sending random numeric verification code for platform users via TopYing Cloud VOICE Verification Code.

It applies to user registration on financial platofrm,login verification, account information change, password retrieval, dynamic verification code login. It helps enterprises verify user identity in real time and maximize the security of user accounts and property.


Shorten Financial Billing Cycle

Depending on the billing cycle, timed collection strategies are developed to reach customers in bulk with customized Notification SMS to improve the efficiency of collection.


Improve Marketing Campaigns Effects

Premium group voice from TopYing Cloud is an emerging form of products advertising for enterprises. It can help boost global business as well as imrpove the marketing efficiency.

Notification SMS

Sending service and reminders to customers so as to increase user stickness and loyalty
Notification SMS
Voice Verification Code

Sending Digital verification code to users via phones to verify the information
VOICE Verification Code
Group Voice Notification

Scheduling group calls automatically via computer software
Group Voice Notification
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