Overseas Financial Collection

Based on the billing cycle, financial companies could send timed repayment and collection reminders to customers in bulk with customized group voice notification to increase the efficiency of collection and whole benefits.

Application Scenarios


Attracting New Customers

Group Voice Notification could be set to send to target customers for enterprises,which can promote the products and services well. It also can promote new transactions and enhance the awareness of the business ,so as to attract more new customers.


Products Promotion Service

Comparing to other marketing channels,Group Voice covers a wider area with a large number of users,which can better promote products and services for enterprises.

Global Coverage
Official Website Self-service Delivery
SMPP and HTTP Protocols
Stablity and Safety
Covering more than 1000+ Tier1/Tier2 Telecom Carriers around the world and support multiple language services with quick response.
Providing higher quality WEB tools,that customers could send online self-service, bulk import and manage phone numbers, also offer functions of data statistics and reporting.
Supporting SMPP and HTTP protocols, featuring the message arrival rate as high as 99.9% with traffic steering and effective congestion avoidance.

Deploying multi-points access globally to ensure access speed. It supports rich channel resources with a high arrival rate to avoid unexpected risks.
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