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CMOS:Sony Exmor CMOS image sensor

Effective pixel:2592(H)×1 944(V)/30fps

Imaging type:Multi-lens splicing method

Horizontal viewing angle:Horizontal 360° vertical: 360°

Real-time splicing delay:Less than 0.8s

Single-way video output:5 million / 30fps

Video encoding format:H.264

Video encoding bit rate:1Mbps ~ 20Mbps

Audio acquisition mode:External LINE IN input, studios can be docked

Audio Encoding Format:AAC

Audio coding rate:44.1Kbps

Local storage format:MP4

Storage capacity (Micro SD card):Original video: 6 × 32G, panoramic video: 1 × 32G (maximum support 64G)

Interface:Power connector × 2, Ethernet× 1, 3.5mm audio interface × 1, HDMI interface × 1

Operating temperature:"-30℃~ 70℃"

Product Details

New XONE-VC01 Integration VR camera use better dark field of SONY1/1.8. With sensor of 14-bit image,it can provide high quality imaging performance and efficient and smooth shooting experience. XONE offers a number of unique features for VR video content creators,help creators focus on artistic creation better rather than use of equipment.Unique features include real-time splicing in the camera does not delay,6k VR video image shoot,Multi-lens intelligent unified exposure,hardware synchronou,and VR glass real-time monitor without workstations,high intensity integration design for use which can make user use it at any place.

For better imaging performance,XONE use High-end CMOS sensor from SONY,a total of 30 million original pixels on the six roads and 30FPS ensure that the 360x360 degrees within the scope of the details of the subject records, 1/1.8 inch specification means a single pixel is as high as 2.4 μM,XONE outdoor and low light dark field have good performance ,Because it has 14-bit ADC function,with high resolution, high sensitivity, high dynamic range function.3D stereo function will take you to experience the immersive.


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