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NEON Controller

Neon is a Interactive controller which customize for HTC mobile VR and GEAR VR,including  1 Binocular motion trap、1 Head beacon and 2 Controllers 。
Neon can be conducted on major mobile VR headsets,PC VR headsets,All-In-One VR headsets and AR headsets on the market,and offers them room-scale,6-DOF motion tracking,The Neon is a completely wireless system. It is easy to set up, provides highly accurate tracking and can be set up to work on the majority of VR platforms.Furthermore, it is highly praised by developers due to it easy to develop SDK.Neon is the shortest delay time of the interactive Suite 

Product Details

Outside-in Stereo Camera  (Size:177mm×34mm×42.5mm)

Tracking sensor device head and the handle on the outside through the binocular camera, accurate positioning of the body and hands inside the space position, and real-time feedback to the windows on the screen,Realizing the free interaction in a virtual environment and interacting with things in the virtual world

Controllers  (Size:150mm×39mm×47.8mm)

support full function keys and custom buttons, through the manipulation of the handle, the interaction of touching / grabbing things in the virtual environment can be realized.

Head Tracking  (Size:109mm×30mm×45.6mm)

power supply via Micro-USB connect to mobile or pc ,Provide head 6-DOF space positioning


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